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Curious about B-School? Here’s my 100% honest review

Marie Forleo B-School Review + The Best 2015 Bonuses including coaching support

Have you heard of Marie Forleo’s B-School?

It is the most comprehensive online business training program I know of.

2015 registration is now closed.

In this review, I’m going to share with you at at B-School is, why I love it, and who I think it’s best suited for (and not for). I’m also going to tell you about exclusive bonus offers you can get if you sign up for B-School using my affiliate link.

If you’re curious about B-School, keep reading. This is my 100% honest review of Marie’s program.

This review contains affiliate links. If you decide to enroll in Marie Forleo’s B-School through my link, I will earn a commission. That said, this is the only program I actively promote as an affiliate, because joining B-School shortly after I launched was the best business decision I’ve ever made. I fully believe in the power of this program and the impact it can have on your business and your life!

I took B-School in 2011, and I can honestly say that it was the best business decision I have ever made for my business.


What is B-School, anyway?

Marie Forleo’s B-School, previously known as Rich, Happy & Hot B-School (or RHH B-School for short), is an online business school originally created by the multi-passionate entrepreneur Marie Forleo and social media maven Laura Roeder. It has evolved and improved since it was originally developed and now is run just by Marie Forleo.

B-School is an 8-week online program to teach women and men how to create, structure, and grow their online businesses. It covers everything you need to know about running an online business, whether you’re just getting started or have been in business for awhile and want to take it to the next level.

Recently added content also supports traditional businesses with storefronts in improving their online presence so they can reach their customers and clients through the internet. There is a growing importance that brick and mortar businesses have a website and a strong internet presence, and this program can help those businesses, too.

Marie’s program walks through what she has defined as the 6 Pillars of business success:


Marie has methodically mapped out exactly what you need to do to create a profitable, purpose-centered business. Marie teaches timeless and authentic business and marketing techniques that will help you grow your business in a way that feels good and true to you; there’s no need to pretend you’re anyone other than you are or market your business using slimy, snake oil techniques. (Thank goodness!)

So pretty much, if you’re a small business owner, you should take B-School!

If you’re interested in more program specifics, you can read more details on Marie Forleo’s B-School site right here.

To hear my thoughts and opinions about B-School plus how to get some free coaching with me and additional bonuses – the best ones out there – keep reading.

My 100% Honest Review of B-School

As I mentioned earlier, enrolling in B-School is the best business decision I ever made. I joined B-School in 2011, just a few months after launching At the time, I had barely made any money in my business. Within eighteen months after launching, with B-School knowledge under my belt (and a lot of hard work), my revenue hit six figures.

Now, still using the same principles I learned then plus others I’ve picked up along the way, I take in multiple six-figures each year and run my business in under 20/hrs week on average.

I’ve been able to remain true to myself, my values, and my purpose. I didn’t have to “sell out” to find greater success. I simply learned about business and marketing and the power they have to make my business dreams really come true.

Since B-School was such a game-changer for me, I’m proud to be one of the hand-selected affiliate partners for Marie’s program, sharing my experience and results with you, an entrepreneur eager to start, grow, or expand your business.

The B-School Program Content

The program content is top-notch. Every concept is clearly and thoroughly explained. There is enough material in this program to help you start your business, hit six figures, or even reach seven.

Marie covers the basic online lingo, so you’ll fully understand terms like opt-in, permission marketing, guest posting, and more. She dives into the 6 Pillars (listed above) in great detail, so you’ll know all the ins and outs of online marketing.

Basically, after going through the program, you’ll have all the business and marketing information you’ll need to make your online business a success.

Once you’re a B-Schooler, you’re always a B-Schooler. You’ll be granted lifetime access to the program, and I guarantee you’ll go back through the materials again and again – they’re that comprehensive, and yes, they’re that good. In fact, I still refer back to the content when I need a refresher on a particular subject.

Marie also hosts live calls where she answers participant questions on the phone. One of the things that impressed me most when I took B-School was Marie’s undying patience, openness, and availability on these calls. Now, she’s added even more live calls so she can reach everyone, regardless of their time zone.

The B-School Community

When I joined B-School in 2011, I also joined the B-School online community. The women in this group are like no other I’ve been a part of. They are loving, kind, giving, generous, non-competitive, supportive, thoughtful, caring, sharing, wise,… I could keep going.

When I joined, I had never experienced a community of women who were ambitious yet simultaneously non-competitive. I can bring business or personal questions to this group and feel supported no matter what. This community alone was worth my B-School investment.

Since then, the community has grown to nearly 13,000 members, and since this is a 100% honest review, I have to say that the program lost the intimate feel that I experienced back in 2011. Yes, the members are still amazing, and there’s lot of support there. And, it’s a bit overwhelming, even for me.

This year, Marie and her team will be adding a new online community just for the new class. However, with enrollment expected to be in the several thousand, this community will be large, busy, and also overwhelming. It’s one of the downsides of the growing success of B-School.

This is the big reason why I created a smaller, more intimate community just for my affiliate members. When you join B-School through me, you can get the supportive environment I once experienced in a more open and significantly less overwhelming environment. This community is your go-to place for support — whether you want to ask a question, celebrate a win, or get support with a big challenge. (More on how to become a member of this exclusive group below.)

Who I Think B-School Is For

B-School is perfect for anyone who knows what they want to do for their business but hasn’t had much success with the business aspect of it (like making money!). B-School is also perfect for anyone who has had a successful off-line business who wants to take it online but doesn’t know how.

If you’re clear or even mostly clear on what you want to do in your business, you are primed to take advantage of what Marie teaches in this program.

If you’re ready to put yourself out on the internet to make money doing what you love, and if you believe in yourself – even just a tiny bit – B-School will rock your world.

If you’re a locally-based or brick and mortar business looking to up your game and online presence, this program will teach you exactly what you need to know.


Who I Think B-School Isn’t For

If you are swimming in fear and have doubts about being in business, I suggest you wait until things settle down for you. From what I’ve seen, business owners who try to learn about business and marketing before they feel confident, simply flounder and feel worse about their situation. I don’t want anyone to put unnecessary pressure on themselves when it comes to making their purpose-driven business work. Take care of your inner work, then dive into the business stuff when you’re ready.

B-School will come around again, so you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out. There will be another chance for you to dive in next year.

How to Best Take Advantage of B-School for Your Business

I believe that one of the biggest reasons B-School was a huge hit for me was that I set aside time each week to learn the material and implement the concepts Marie covered. Each week I set blocked out three hours on Mondays to work through the program content. I made learning a priority, put the time in my calendar to work through the material, and made that time non-negotiable.

Additionally, I set aside an additional time each week to take action on what I learned. This meant that if I learned about websites on Monday, I was implementing what I learned on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

Having an action-based mindset was a big part of why B-School made such a huge shift for me and my business. Now, not everything you learn will be immediately implementable. Some concepts will take time to digest, think about, and act on, and that’s okay. In fact, there are still concepts I’ve yet to implement (because she covers that much!). You don’t have to do everything she teaches in order to see results in your business, and my business success is evidence of that.

If you don’t have as many hours each week to learn and implement as I did, you can certainly learn and take action more slowly over time. Many of B-School’s students do this, and there’s no pressure to go any faster than you’re able.

I know plenty of women who took a full year (or more!) to implement what they learned, did it at their own pace, and still created great results for themselves. Working at your own pace will get you where you need to go on a schedule that’s perfect for you.



What B-School Isn’t

For all my love of B-School, you may be wondering if I look at this program through rose-colored glasses. I assure you, I don’t.

B-School was a big deal for my business, as you’ve read here. However, there are many skills you need to create a successful business that you don’t get from B-School.

In addition to being good at your craft (whether that’s coaching, nutrition, yoga, design, writing, teaching, making or crafting or anything else), you have to understand…

  • fundamental marketing principles (B-School does teach you this)
  • financial planning
  • bookkeeping and taxes
  • strategic planning
  • how to work through your own fears and perfectionism (I have a bonus for this!)
  • the sales process and how to implement in for your unique business (Bonus alert!)

And, of course, you have to be crazy-determined to make your business work.

There is not one program that’s a silver bullet. However, this program is one of the essential keys to making your online business work. The main reason that B-School was my silver bullet was that I had the others things listed above already nailed (or at least pretty good). I just needed that final piece marketing for everything to click into place.

I love B-School, and I love what it can do for businesses. I just want to be clear that there are many factors required to making your business work.


Life Coach? Health Coach? Listen Up

If you’re a life coach or a health coach or if you’re a coach-like business owner, I can’t recommend B-School enough!

When I took my life coach training, they tried to teach me about business, but honestly, the advice wasn’t so great. I had some good starter tips, and yes, they had the best of intentions, but….

Coach training programs teach you how to be a great coach. They don’t teach you how to be a business owner! If you want to make money as a coach, you have to also learn to be a business owner.

Many coaches shy away from business training programs like this because of the investment. However, many coaches spent much more on learning to be a coach — and just learning to be a coach doesn’t make you a penny! If you want to make money as a coach, you have to learn about business and marketing. Period.

I personally love helping coaches get clients and make money doing what they love. I know how important their work is, and I want to help them reach more people.

Taking B-School is the PERFECT foundation for any coach (or coach-like person) who wants to build a successful online business. I strongly recommend that if you’re a coach, you dive into B-School.

If you set aside the time to learn and implement, it could be the best business investment you ever make, too!


Why I’m Promoting Someone Else’s Program

If you’ve been hanging around here for awhile or even if you just found me via Google, you’ll notice that I don’t actively promote other people’s paid programs on my site, on my blog, or in my newsletter. So why am I actively promoting Marie Forleo’s B-School?

I’m promoting this program for several reasons. First, this program had such a HUGE impact on my business that it would be like I was keeping my dirty success secret all to myself if I didn’t share it with you. Openness and transparency is how I roll!

Second, if I were to teach you everything in Marie’s program through private coaching, it would take us six months or more to cover it all – and that would cost you $9000. Marie’s program is more cost effective and efficient than working with me privately. (Though if you want to work with me one-on-one, I’d love that, too!)

Third, if you were to work with me privately, you’d miss out on the opportunity to connect with other business owners and learn about other industries. Getting out of your sphere of _______ (coaches, nutritionists, designers, copywriters, healers, you-name-it) is essential to your success. Business “group think” in those communities can bring you down, not support you.

However, being a part of a community of other business owners can often be worth the price of B-School admission! Growing an online business with a community of like-minded colleagues can be a huge boost to your motivation, know-how, and results. I don’t want you to miss this!

Finally, I am an affiliate for Marie’s program. This means I get a commission if you sign up though my affiliate link. This is why, in return for you purchasing through my link, I’m offering the exclusive bonuses you’ll find listed below.

I believe that sharing Marie’s program with you is a win-win-win. You win by signing up for B-School and learning to rock your business. I win when you purchase with my link; I get to connect with you and help your business, one of my favorite things to do! You win again by getting coaching with me. And this all feels fabulous to me!


How to Get BONUS Free Coaching with Me + Much More

I am both a proud graduate and affiliate for B-School. If B-School sounds like the right move for you and your business, I want to support you in reaching the next level of success in your business. If you sign up for B-School using my B-School affiliate link, you will receive the following bonuses from me.

A Quick Note About My Killer B-School Bonuses

Everything I’ve added here is to HELP you, not overwhelm you. If you join B-School, you don’t need anther book, digital program, live event, or anything that ADDS to your overwhelm. What you need is support! And that’s EXACTLY what I’m giving you.

(Unfortunately, many other affiliate partners add to your digital stress with programs and downloads — and I promise you that’s not what you need!)

Jenny offered the most useful bonuses of all the affiliates.

Allison WunderlandShe was a pleasure to work with. The coaching and the classes helped me to calm down, stop feeling “behind,” and prioritize what I needed to do.

Allison Wunderland, Culinary Artist, Atlanta, GA,

And hers:

Jenny’s bonuses helped me make the most of B-School!

Kristy OustaletSigning up for Marie Forleo’s B-School was the biggest investment I’d made in my business, and I knew I needed to make it count. Having Jenny on my side throughout B-school would amplify my efforts.

While I give loads of credit to the course, its fast pace and growing community can become overwhelming and cause your progress to come to a screeching halt.

Jenny’s bonuses helped me navigate the program to fit my individual business needs, giving me clarity and momentum so that I could get my new business off the ground.

Kristy Oustalet, Business Coach for Creatives & Show Host of A.C.E.- Adventures of Creative Entrepreneurship, New Orleans, LA,

BONUS #1 – Membership in an exclusive, private coaching group just for B-Schoolers – run by me

Jenny ShihIf you join B-School using my affiliate link, you will be invited to join an exclusive, private coaching group I’ve designed just for B-Schoolers. This group coaching will be run over the phone at various days and times in May and June to suit worldwide time zones . The exact logistics of the group coaching will be set after B-School has started (at which time I’ll know the total number of participants).

I’ll be setting aside enough group coaching calls so that everyone will get one-on-one attention and coaching from me,  something that I know past B-Schoolers have found incredibly valuable. (Just read some of their testimonials below!) All coaching calls will be recorded, and you’ll be given access to all call recordings, even the ones you don’t attend live.

B-Schoolers have found that having this group coaching support after they’ve completed B-School curriculum has been incredibly helping for answering questions and supporting them in taking action after they’ve learned everything from Marie’s program.

The reason why I am offering coaching instead of a digital product is because you’ll get plenty of information in B-School, and I do not want to add to your information overwhelm. I’m here to support you!

I want to help you digest and implement what you learn in the program so you can really achieve the results you desire.

My coaching programs run upward of $20,000, and you get to join me for FREE!

BONUS #2 – Membership in an exclusive, private online community to answer your B-School burning questions

Private Coaching CommunityMarie gives you everything you need with B-School: classes, online support, and live Q&A calls. Even for the outgoing B-Schoolers, it can be a lot of people all at once on the forums and the calls. This is why I’m inviting you into a more intimate, online group where you can get support for the duration of B-School and at least two months after the program concludes.

You can get support and connect with fellow entrepreneurs. You can get known and get to know others, without the overwhelming presence of thousands of classmates in the digital forum and Q&A calls.

I’ll be by your side to help you with those tricky questions you wish you could get answered from a pro. I want to help you keep moving forward during the program, implementing what you learn and taking action in your business. And that’s exactly what this group will do for you.

BONUS #3 – The B-School “What’s Next Guide” – a class I’ve designed specifically for B-Schoolers

Missing Manual Bonus ClassAs I told you above, I LOVE B-School. It’s full of everything you need to start and grow a successful online business. Marie doesn’t miss a single topic. BUT – many students leave feeling “now what?” They have all of this great information but no clue where to start implementing it. (That’s why a dozens of former B-Schoolers have hired me to personally coach them.)

I don’t want you to feel that “now what?” so I designed The B-School What’s Next Guide (aka The B-School Missing Manual) class to help you connect the B-School dots and know exactly what you need to do to implement all of B-School’s concepts in your unique business.

This is an audio class that will be delivered to you via email after B-School is over. Because when you’re done with B-School, this class will show you how to translate everything you’ve learned into your own personal action plan. No one else offers this level of insight and actionability. Last year, this class alone was a game-changer for many of my B-Schoolers, and it will be for you, too.

BONUS #4 – Authentic Selling: The B-School Missing Module – a class by Kendrick Shope, a woman who will forever change your relationship to sales


To make money doing what you love, you must master sales. Most of us avoid sales, fearing that we’ll be forced to be pushy, slimy, or aggressive. However, you can learn to sell by being 100% authentic. In fact, when you are, you get more clients! (How awesome is that?)

The material we’ll cover isn’t a part of B-School but it should be! That’s exactly why I invited Kendrick Shope, Sales Queen, to be a part of your B-School experience. She’ll teach you the ins and outs of her Authentic Selling™ process so you can apply them to your unique business.

The concepts Kendrick taught me a few years ago helped take my business to a whole new level. In the eight weeks following my first call with her, I made an additional $10,000 and filled a three-month waiting list, and it’s only been up from there! I attribute these big wins (and many since) to the sales savvy I learned from Kendrick. Best of all, these wins weren’t isolated incidents! My business would not be where it is today without her, and I’m thrilled she’s willing to share her genius with you.

BONUS #5 – The B-School Fear-Buster – a class by my fear-fighting friend and Master Coach Bev Barnes

Bev BarnesStarting and growing a business comes with a host of challenges. Marketing and business skills are essential, and not knowing them means your business will never, ever go anywhere.

Even more detrimental to your success, however, is fear, a sneaky, stagnating force that can stop solopreneurs dead in their tracks, no matter how business-smart they are. So I’ve invited Bev Barnes, Fear-Fighter, to talk about identifying, facing, and moving past fear when it knocks at your door.

Bev will teach you the essential skills for conquering fear and resistance. This means that you’ll be on alert to identifying any inner resistance about moving forward with your business (because it’s bound to happen!).

Bev was instrumental in my own business-building journey. I doubt I’d be where I am today, thriving, confident, and running my dream business, without her guidance and support when I was first getting started. I’m so excited to have her guide you like she guided me.

BONUS #6 – The B-School Overwhelm Eliminator – a week-by-week guide by Certified Coach Jess Ryan

Jess RyanJess believes that when we simplify our homes and lifestyles, get and stay emotionally healthy, and solidify our relationships, everything is easier, including starting a business. When these aspects are in place, we are more able to give B-School the focus and time it needs.

At the same time, she knows that we can’t all achieve enlightenment before we dive into our businesses. So she has personally developed and designed The B-School Overwhelm Eliminator, the perfect accompaniment to every B-School module. Jess will address the different challenges she faced (and overcame!) as she moved through the B-School curriculum and how you, too, can keep moving forward, no matter what the level of chaos in your life.

With this Overwhelm Eliminator in hand, you’ll keep moving forward no matter how crazy things feel. Because it’s when you keep moving forward that everything starts to happen!

The coaching sessions were amazing!

Jackie JohnstoneThe group coaching bonus with Jenny was the absolute best part of my B-School experience. I actually feel sorry for the other B-Schoolers who didn’t join through Jenny because the sessions were SO helpful!

It was SO refreshing and helpful to get personal attention. I cannot believe how quickly Jenny was able to zero in on our unique problems and offer spot-on solutions!

The Missing Manual class was the perfect antidote to B-School overwhelm. At the end of the program, I’d taken in so much information, and this class helped me get out of overwhelm and know exactly where I needed to take action for my biz.

B-School is amazing. B-School with Jenny Shih on your side is INCREDIBLE. Having the chance to ask Jenny your personal burning business questions as you implement post-B-School is priceless. It really is like having a business superhero on your team!

Jackie Johnstone, Social Media Coach, Bordeaux, France,

I love how fast Jenny gets to the heart of my questions.

Mindy CraryJenny knows how to take the theoretical and make it relevant for anyone she speaks with. I know lots of women struggle to implement the B-School theory for their businesses, but Jenny knows how to make it a no-brainer! She gave me specific actions to take and apply to my unique situation. She’s awesome!

Mindy Crary, Financial Coach & Certified Financial Planner, Seattle, WA

I got more clarity in the group coaching sessions than I ever thought possible.

Mary Jean PadalinoB-School is life-changing because you learn all of the tools you will ever need to run an online business. The problem is that having the tools is not enough; you also need to learn how to apply them to your business.

Jenny helps you build the bridge from what you learned to how to actually use it! The group coaching was simply AMAZING!

The Missing Manual class really helped me to go from overwhelm to knowing exactly what to do next. It helped me know exactly which modules from B-School to focus on and in which order.

Mary Jean Padalino, Nutritionist, Toms River, NJ,

Jenny was able to give me very specific, do-able actions steps.

Courtney KingThe group coaching was VERY helpful and I’m mucho grateful for it! It’s obvious that Jenny puts a lot of thought and heart into her work.

For future B-Schoolers, I’d say that Jenny’s bonuses were thoughtfully presented and given with a lot of heart. You can take it all in at your own pace.

Courtney King-Mallory, Holistic Life +Biz Coach, Atlanta, GA,

The group coaching *rocked*.

Jess RyanIt was so helpful to get answers not only to my questions but to others’ questions as well, because they almost always applied to me.

I loved the live help, and I love Jenny’s work!

Jess Ryan, Parenting Coach, Syracuse, NY,

I loved the group coaching!

Janet DudleyIt was interesting to hear everyone’s questions. It was also a great way to get a ton of different resources, ideas, people, books, and more to check out!

Jenny was extremely generous with her time, coaching and the bonuses! I’ve seen others in the B-School community who didn’t receive bonuses or didn’t get great ones. Not me!

Janet Dudley, Speech Pathologist and Co-Founder & Director of Social Communication Specialists, San Diego, CA,

Important note!
To take advantage of theses exclusive bonuses, be sure to purchase through my B-School link during the open enrollment period only.

The best way to ensure you’re purchasing through my link is to click on my B-School link as soon as you’re ready to purchase. That way you can be absolutely certain you’ll get these bonuses.

Once B-School begins, my assistant will email you with all of the information you need to access these exclusive bonuses. If you don’t hear from us by March 16, 2015, please contact us using the contact form on my site. I don’t want you to miss out!


Frequently Asked Questions About Marie Forleo’s B-School

I’ve received dozens of emails about B-School over the past three years. The common theme is: “This is my situation. Is B-School right for me?” I’m posting the most common questions I’ve received, along with my answers, hoping this extra info will help you make the best decision for you and your business.

If you don’t see your question here, email me. There’s information below on how to do that.

Q: When does enrollment open for 2015 B-School?

A: Marie will be offering free video training beginning Thursday, February 5.
Enrollment for B-School opens on Wednesday, February 18. Enrollment closes March 4th. 
The program begins March 9th.

Q: How much is Marie Forleo’s B-School?

A: B-School is $1999. Marie offers a payment plan for those who prefer that option; specifics on the payment plan will be available when enrollment opens.

Q: I’m a _______. Is B-School right for me and my business?

A: The information covered in the program is at a high enough level that it can be applied to many different business types. If you feel confident in your ability to take solid information and translate it for your specific needs, B-School will definitely help you.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a program that will teach you exactly how to make your ______ business work, then this may not be the right program for you. You will need to take the high-level online business concepts and apply them to your unique business. Though not always easy, learning this skill will reap huge rewards for you and your business in the long run. You’ll learn to think like a business person, not just like a _______. That in itself is worth the investment!

Q: I’m a coach who has been through coach training, but I don’t yet know what type of coaching business I want to have. I’m not totally clear on my niche. Should I take B-School now or wait until I’m more clear?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I know what I want my business to be, but I haven’t created anything yet. No website, no clients, nothing. Should I take B-School?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I have a mission and a vision. Will B-School help me find a way to position and communicate in a digestible way for my audience? For example, finding the actual words to communicate this effectively?

A:  Keep Reading…

Q: I’ve been a coach for awhile and recently found my new niche. My website doesn’t reflect this niche. I can make changes to the content, but will I be behind the curve because I haven’t already been marketing to this niche?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I want to create a premium coaching program where I work with clients one-on-one. I also see myself creating related products to offer a low barrier for entry so I can serve even more women while generating passive income. Is this something that B-School can guide me in doing?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I’ve hired a ton of people to help me start my business: a website designer, a copywriter, and even a business coach. I’ve spent a ton of money but haven’t seen any results. I’m reluctant to join B-School, but part of me also thinks it would help. Do you have any words of advice?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I think I read somewhere that Marie Forleo’s B-School is not for people who are “new to online.” I have a website, but I really don’t have much experience beyond that. Will I be lost?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I have an online business, but I’m just doing it on the side while I have a full-time day job to support me. Because of that, my business is still pretty small. I’m also a mom with little free time. Should I take B-School?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I have a successful off-line business and would like to build an online presence, but I know nothing about the internet or websites. Is B-School right for me?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I have a brick and mortar business. How specifically does B-School help someone like me?

A: This is such a great question! Since I don’t own a brick and mortar business, I reached out to my friend and fellow B-Schooler, Sonia Ruyts (also a super cool human being and the the owner of Stash, a brick and mortar yarn shop) to answer this question for you.

Here’s what Sonia shared with me… Keep Reading…

Q: I currently have a ton of debt and money is tight. But I know I need to learn some of these concepts in order to make my business work. Is it worth it for me to invest and go further into debt to create this business?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: There are quite a few affiliates selling B-School. Why should I choose you as an affiliate over the others?

A: Keep Reading…


Are you ready to join B-School?

If you’re ready to take a leap in your business and make money online, I believe that Marie Forleo’s B-School is the best business program out there.

Or maybe you have some questions? I’m here to help. Email me and I’ll answer you honestly, even if that means recommending you don’t enroll in B-School!

Still Have Questions? Email me and I'll reply with the 100% truth.

Sign up through Jenny!

Paula NovashJenny’s bonuses provided so much value — truly more than I expected and more than meets the eye.

I ADORED the group coaching! Jenny addressed everyone’s questions and make sure that the answers were useful to the group, too. I learned so much from other people’s stories.

The Missing Manual class was so helpful! B-School is fabulous, but it provides a lot of information in a short period of time. It can be hard to figure out what’s most important. This class helped me prioritize my next steps. Knowing exactly how to proceed was magnificent.

It’s apparent that Jenny loves what she does. She’s soooo good at it — and fun and easy to talk with, as well :-)

Paula Novash, Freelance Writer and Editor, Annapolis, MD,

I wish I signed up through Jenny!

Nicole MariettaWhen I fell into the B-School Universe, I found Jenny Shih and was monumentally sad that I hadn’t bought through her. I fell in love with her work so hard that I would have bought through her just to support her.

Nicole Marietta, Singer & (Song)writer at Nicole Marietta Music, San Francisco Bay Area, CA,

I knew I needed 1:1 coaching. Jenny was the perfect fit.

Fon JamesWhen it came time to choose a B-school bonus, I researched thoroughly. I wanted someone who was going to be able to give me what Bschool didn’t give me: 1:1 coaching time from a top-notch coach who could reduce my overwhelm and simplify my next steps.

Jenny’s awesome coaching skills helped me get super quick clarity on the specific direction I needed for my business. She helped me see what I needed to do first, second, third, etc. I always left with a clear plan of action.

I am so glad that I chose Jenny’s B-School Bonus, it gave me the up-close and personal time I needed for my business, plus a guiding post that I can often refer back to.

Fon James, The Emergency Business Coach, Houston, TX,

The added support with Jenny is totally great because it keeps the ball rolling!

Emily BrownThe group coaching was such a great opportunity! I love that we got to ask specific questions (which we couldn’t do in Marie’s group calls). This is one of the main reasons I signed up for B-School through Jenny.

The Missing Manual class was great. It really help me organize my thoughts and figure out where to start. Sometimes it’s good to get permission to let up a bit or what to NOT worry about for now. That is very necessary in this process, and I’m so glad Jenny added this bonus class!

Emily Brown, Owner of Blossom Yoga, Psychology of Eating Coach, Laramie, WY,

This post was originally published May 14, 2012. It was last updated March 4, 2015.

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