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Curious about B-School? Here’s my 100% honest review

Marie Forleo B-School Review + The Best 2015 Bonuses including coaching support

I often get asked what I think of Marie Forleo’s B-School, so here’s my 100% honest review.

I’ll share what B-School is and who I think it’s best suited for (and not for), so you can decide if it’s the right investment for you.

What is B-School, anyway?

Marie Forleo’s B-School, previously known as Rich, Happy & Hot B-School (or RHH B-School for short), is an online business school originally created by the multi-passionate entrepreneur Marie Forleo and social media maven Laura Roeder. It has evolved and improved since it was originally developed and now is run just by Marie Forleo.

B-School is an 8-week online program to teach women and men how to create, structure, and grow their online businesses. It covers all of the high-level concepts you should understand if you want to run an online business.

A few years ago, Marie added additional content to show brick and mortar businesses how to improve their online presence and reach more customers through their website.

My 100% Honest Review of B-School

I joined B-School in 2011, just a few months after launching At the time, I had barely made any money in my business and knew very little about marketing or building an online business. B-School closed of my knowledge gaps and set the stage for success in my business.

It was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. As a result, it was a game-changer for me and my business. For that, I will be forever grateful.

Is it for you? Well, it depends.

The B-School Program Content

The program content is comprehensive. Marie covers the high-level online business theory that you must understand to be successful in business. She covers the basic lingo, too, which is great if you’re confused by terms like opt-in, permission marketing, guest posting, and more.

Marie also hosts live calls where she answers participant questions on the phone. Although you have to spit out your question fast, as she try to get in as many Q&As as possible, she’s there to answer your questions, and that’s fantastic.

The B-School Community

When I joined B-School in 2011, I also joined the B-School online community. The women in this group are like no other I’ve been a part of. They are loving, kind, giving, generous, non-competitive, supportive, thoughtful, caring, sharing, wise,… I could keep going.

When I joined, I had never experienced a community of women who were ambitious yet simultaneously non-competitive. I can bring business or personal questions to this group and feel supported no matter what. This community alone was worth my B-School investment.

Since then, the community has grown to nearly 13,000+ members, and since this is a 100% honest review, I have to say that the program lost the intimate feel that I experienced back in 2011. Yes, the members are still amazing, and there’s lot of support there. And, it’s a quite overwhelming, even for me (who can handle those things really well), and not quite as helpful as it used to be. However, I still visit the group there and consider myself a B-Schooler for life!

Who I Think B-School Is For

B-School is perfect for anyone who knows what they want to do for their business but hasn’t had much success with the business aspect of it (like making money!). B-School is also perfect for anyone who has had a successful off-line business who wants to take it online but doesn’t know where to start.

If you’re clear or even mostly clear on what you want to do in your business, you are primed to take advantage of what Marie teaches in this program.

If you’re ready to put yourself out on the internet to make money doing what you love, and if you believe in yourself – even just a tiny bit – B-School will rock your world.

If you’re a locally-based or brick and mortar business looking to up your game and online presence, this program will teach you exactly what you need to know.

Who I Think B-School Is NOT For

If you are swimming in fear and have doubts about being in business, I suggest you wait until things settle down for you. From what I’ve seen, business owners who try to learn about business and marketing before they feel confident, simply flounder and feel worse about their situation. I don’t want anyone to put unnecessary pressure on themselves when it comes to making their purpose-driven business work. Take care of your inner work, then dive into the business stuff when you’re ready.

B-School will come around again, so you don’t need to feel like you’re missing out. There will be another chance for you to dive in next year.

If you’re busy and overwhelmed and have no time to commit to learning the content (and there’s A LOT to learn), joining might just stress you out!

I believe that one of the biggest reasons B-School was a huge hit for me was that I set aside time each week to learn the material and implement the concepts Marie covered. Each week I set blocked out three hours on Mondays to work through the program content. I made learning a priority, put the time in my calendar to work through the material, and made that time non-negotiable.

Additionally, I set aside an additional time each week to take action on what I learned. This meant that if I learned about websites on Monday, I was implementing what I learned on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

That said, if you don’t have as many hours each week to learn and implement as I did, and you feel comfortable pacing yourself (even if you’re behind the group), you can certainly learn and take action more slowly over time. Many of B-School’s students do this, and there’s no pressure to go any faster than you’re able.

What B-School Isn’t

B-School was a big deal for my business, as you’ve read here. However, there are many skills you need to create a successful business that you don’t get from B-School.

In addition to being good at your craft (whether that’s coaching, nutrition, yoga, design, writing, teaching, making or crafting or anything else), you have to understand…

  • fundamental marketing principles (B-School does teach you this)
  • financial planning
  • bookkeeping and taxes
  • strategic planning
  • how to work through your own fears and perfectionism
  • the sales process and how to implement in for your unique business
  • legal implications associated with your unique business

You also have to…

  • take massive action consistently
  • have like-minded colleagues to work alongside
  • keep going no matter what
  • deal with fears and self-doubt every step of the way
  • be crazy-determined to make your business work

I say this to clarify that B-School isn’t a silver bullet. I think a lot of people join thinking that they’ll “Make millions and Impact millions” — overnight. But honestly, that just doesn’t happen! You’ve got SO MUCH WORK TO DO to get there.

That doesn’t mean B-School doesn’t deliver! It teaches you the online marketing fundamentals, and you must instant those to be successful. Just please don’t think it’s the end-all-be-all program that will make you rich tomorrow. It takes too many other pieces to make that happen.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marie Forleo’s B-School

I’ve received dozens of emails about B-School over the past four years. (I was an affiliate for three years. It didn’t fit into my schedule to participate as an affiliate in 2016.) The common theme is: “This is my situation. Is B-School right for me?” I’m posting the most common questions I’ve received, along with my answers, hoping this extra info will help you make the best decision for you and your business.

If you don’t see your question here, email me. There’s information below on how to do that.

Q: When does enrollment open for the next round of B-School?

A: Marie will be offering free video training beginning in early February. Enrollment begins a few weeks later. Historically, B-School is offered just once per year.

Q: How much is Marie Forleo’s B-School?

A: B-School is $1999. Marie offers a payment plan for those who prefer that option; specifics on the payment plan will be available when enrollment opens.

Q: I’m a _______. Is B-School right for me and my business?

A: The information covered in the program is at a high enough level that it can be applied to many different business types. If you feel confident in your ability to take solid information and translate it for your specific needs, B-School will definitely help you.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a program that will teach you exactly how to make your ______ business work, then this will not be the right program for you. You’ll need to take the high-level online business concepts and apply them to your unique business. Though not always easy, but it’s essential for success!

Q: I’m a coach who has been through coach training, but I don’t yet know what type of coaching business I want to have. I’m not totally clear on my niche. Should I take B-School now or wait until I’m more clear?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I know what I want my business to be, but I haven’t created anything yet. No website, no clients, nothing. Should I take B-School?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I’ve been a coach for awhile and recently found my new niche. My website doesn’t reflect this niche. I can make changes to the content, but will I be behind the curve because I haven’t already been marketing to this niche?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I want to create a premium coaching program where I work with clients one-on-one. I also see myself creating related products to offer a low barrier for entry so I can serve even more women while generating passive income. Is this something that B-School can guide me in doing?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I’ve hired a ton of people to help me start my business: a website designer, a copywriter, and even a business coach. I’ve spent a ton of money but haven’t seen any results. I’m reluctant to join B-School, but part of me also thinks it would help. Do you have any words of advice?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I have an online business, but I’m just doing it on the side while I have a full-time day job to support me. Because of that, my business is still pretty small. I’m also a mom with little free time. Should I take B-School?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I have a successful off-line business and would like to build an online presence, but I know nothing about the internet or websites. Is B-School right for me?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: I have a brick and mortar business. How specifically does B-School help someone like me?

A: This is such a great question! Since I don’t own a brick and mortar business, I reached out to my friend and fellow B-Schooler, Sonia Ruyts (also a super cool human being and the the owner of Stash, a brick and mortar yarn shop) to answer this question for you.

Here’s what Sonia shared with me… Keep Reading…

Q: I currently have a ton of debt and money is tight. But I know I need to learn some of these concepts in order to make my business work. Is it worth it for me to invest and go further into debt to create this business?

A: Keep Reading…

Q: There are quite a few affiliates selling B-School. Who should I choose?

A: Keep Reading…

This post was originally published May 14, 2012. It was last updated January 15, 2016.

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