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Stop Doing Things the Hard Way


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You feel  constant pressure to create new content.
  • You start from scratch with every new idea.
  • Just thinking about creating your first digital product feels stressful and overwhelming.
  • You have a million ideas swirling in your head but little to show for it.


Consider a new approach

If any of the above statements sound familiar, I want you to know that you don’t have to feel that way.

I wrote a book, The Idea Juicer Kit, so you can still make money without spend less time and energy creating a million new things.

You can serve your clients and prospects by leveraging what you already have. You can make more money with less effort.


So much to create, so little time to create it

I get that you’re busy. I get that you have lots of ideas. If there were only a kajillion hours each week, you’d be able to make all of those ideas happen. But there’s not. So it’s time to learn a new approach.

The Idea Juicer Kit isn’t about idea generation. It’s not about adding items to your to-do list. It’s about making things easier and more effective. Don’t you deserve a little easy?


Make more money with less effort

Many people think that they need to execute on new ideas to make money. That’s baloney. To make money, you can often take the content you already have and learn to effectively repurpose it… creating a new income stream by the end of the week.

The Idea Juicer Kit will teach you how to be smart, effective, and efficient with your time, energy, and creativity. It will show you how to leverage what you have without wasting another second.


Techy expertise not required

Do you want to sell exclusive access to your best videos but don’t know where to host them? Excited about running webinars but clueless about which service to choose? I’ve got it covered.

The Idea Juicer Kit contains hand-picked technology options for you and your business. No need to stress about or spend countless hours researching. This Kit will tell you the top picks out there so you can dive right in and get your work out in the world.


What’s Included

With The Idea Juicer Kit as your guide, you will learn…

– How to create a new stream of income by the end of the week

– The simplest and most effective method to create a new digital product without unnecessary effort

– Exactly what people will pay for and how you can get it to them fast

– How to stop wasting time and unnecessary effort

– How to stop working to write new blog posts

– How to not sound like a broken record when you repurpose your content

– The easiest way to identify the content you already have in your business, and you have more than you realize

– How to narrow down your options if you have too many ideas swirling in your head

– The easiest path to create what you want without starting from scratch every time

Also included in the book…

– A dozen real-world examples of exactly how the pros do it

– How to repeat your success after you’ve worked through the Kit the first time

– Expert tips on planning ahead so you can realize the full income potential of everything you ever create


BONUS – Online Resource Guide

I hand-picked the best online resources available. These are my top tech picks, clearly spelled out with the pros and cons of each one so making the right choice for your business will be a piece of cake.

You’ll know what to use for a website, email marketing, payment options, instant download product sales, physical product sales, online file sharing, phone conferencing, video hosting, podcasting, video conferencing, webcasts, and online group forums.

This section alone will save you countless hours of research because I show you exactly what to use. Don’t waste time testing everything for yourself.


Superhero Guarantee

I guarantee you’ll get something out of this kit, or you can ask for your money back… and I’ll give it to you. I stand behind everything I create, and I want you to be satisfied with your purchase. If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with The Idea Juicer Kit, email me within 7 days and I will refund your money, no questions asked.



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“I recommend it!”

When I purchased The Idea Juicer Kit I knew I would get something out of it. I LOVED the resource guide and I have a client I am recommending it to.

Marissa Catania-Bishop,


“Creates a clear path for getting your work out into the world.”

There is a lot of REALLY good info in here. It’s very accessible, clearly written, and engaging. It creates a clear path for the reader to get their amazing work out into the world.

Jess Ryan,


“The structure and focus I need. I recommend it!”

The Idea Juicer Kit was structured and focused. It gave me something to sit down with and a framework into which I could plug my ideas. The format was helpful for organizing my shiz-nit, as they say. And value was delivered! Overall, I dug it, and I would recommend it to others!

Max Daniels,


“It’s like having Jenny hold my hand.”

The Idea Juicer Kit like having your own personal tech and strategy guru holding your hand as you venture into the wilderness. It’s unbelievably comforting to have her savvy and gentle presence on a journey that can sometimes be scary and overwhelming.

Anna Kunnecke,


“I now know how to make the best use of my ideas!”

Jenny is brilliant! I’m flooded with ideas all the time, but this book helped me clearly see how I can make the best use of them.

Loralee Hutton,


“This book offers practical advice you can actually DO something with!”

The idea juicer kit is written in plain-English and its approach meshes well with my own. It’s gotten me thinking more systematically about my content. It offers practical advice you can actually DO something with.

Annie Sisk,