How to Create the Perfect Bite-Sized Offer for Your Business 

Confidently create an irresistible, scaleable offer that attracts perfect clients and propels you toward expert status in record time


You'll discover...

  • The easy-to-follow, 5-step process for creating a bite-sized offer that sells like hotcakes and sets the foundation for massive growth
  • The "Serve and Learn Approach": Exactly how to use a bite-sized offer to catapult your business and your income—FAST
  • Why starting with premium prices often backfires, and the proven way to ensure you get immediate traction and a flood of clients

This "start small to go big" approach has helped business owners scale their services from $99 to $12,997+ in under a year. You can, too. 

“I put out my offer on Instagram Stories (didn’t even have a sales page at the time!) and I got 5 bookings in 24 hours. I never knew there could be so much fulfillment and joy doing what I love to do." 

–Beatrice Mangar (née Chan), Mauritius Island

“I gained 4 new clients in less than 2 weeks!” 

–Em Rosalie, Tampa, FL

“I just signed on my first bite-sized client within 2 hours of posting my offer, and she’s already talking about buying another package! I was shocked by how easy it was for someone to jump on the offer when I finally offered the right thing!” 

–Shanley Weston, Halifax, Nova Scotia

“I got booked mere MOMENTS after putting out my bite-size offer. Then my client wrote me a rave review immediately after her session with me.” 

–Lilli Badcock, Salisbury, Wiltshire UK

“I posted my first bite-size offer and two ladies already took me up on it! Both clients have gone on to purchase extra coaching calls and EFT sessions with me! I couldn’t be happier!” 

–Penelope Silver, Bramhall, Cheshire, UK  

Who is Jenny Shih?

Jenny Shih is an uncompromising business coach who has taught more than 35,000 business owners how to earn a full-time income working 30 hours per week or less as online, service-based entrepreneurs.  

For most of her time in business, Jenny was debilitatingly sick and at some points was only able to work a few hours each week. As the household breadwinner, Jenny found strategic ways to ensure her business remained highly profitable while also giving her the much-needed time to heal.  

Drawing on both her decade of experience in high tech and her training with Martha Beck and spiritual teacher Byron Katie, Jenny guides her clients through a no-fluff, step-by-step approach to creating thriving businesses they love without having to work long hours or make huge sacrifices.

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