Success Without Sacrifice


What if you could run a successful, fulfilling business and... 

... have your nights and weekends to yourself (no client emails!) ... take a half day off to get a massage and a mani-pedi ... play hooky for an afternoon, just because  

You’re smart, capable, hard-working, and genuinely committed to your clients. (I love that about you.)  

But you’re working way too hard, and you know it. 

I believe you deserve—and can create—the freedom you crave TODAY.  

This isn’t a course. It’s not a webinar. And it’s certainly not about hard work.  

It’s a guided, supported shift that allows you to structure your business so that it sets you free.

I call it Success Without Sacrifice.  

Your totally free, six-week journey to creating more freedom begins the moment you say YES.



Each week, you’ll receive a video class showing you how to create success without sacrifice, so you can finally have the freedom you craved when you first started your business.  

You’ll receive tools, resources, and exercises to help you with your exploration and journey. No “homework” or “busywork!”  

Jenny Shih

Hi. I'm Jenny Shih.

I’m an uncompromising business coach who believes your business should support your life, not take it over. I love helping women step off the hamster wheel and create the freedom they truly long for.

After exploring the concept of success without sacrifice for 18 years, it’s time to bring this conversation into the mainstream.  

I’m tired of seeing women burn the candle at both ends. Think that “launch burnout” is the norm. Destroy their health and ignore their families to make another buck.  

I know there’s a better way, and I want to help you create that for yourself.


Join this six-week workshop about creating true freedom in your business and life… so you can make it your reality.

Questions? Ask me anything.