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6 Emails That Bring in More Clients

Did you know that there are six simple emails that can easily bring in more clients to your business?

There are, and they’re easy to write. I’m going to give you the details today in a new video series I’m calling

Build Your Business Challenge: Actionable Advice in 60 Seconds or Less

That’s right. 60 seconds or less. You can spare 60 seconds to grow your business — I know you can!

Check out the video, and start taking action!

Are you accepting this week’s action challenge?

First, tweet about it!

Then, declare it in the comments below, get to work, and report back when you’ve done it.

And if you have tips on this week’s challenge, please share them in the comments as well.

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1 mallika

brilliant! thank you :)


2 Jenny Shih

Report back when you take action, Mallika! We’re here to cheer you on!


3 EvelynC.

simple, actionable and doable. Thanks Jenny – and love the new hair! And hi Mallika also. :)


4 Jenny Shih

Report back when you’ve done it. I’ll high five you!

I have funny hair. It goes both curly and straight! So you’ll never know what you’re gonna see :-)


5 Leah

A few months back, I had the somewhat depressing realization that my autoresponder series wasn’t bringing in new clients, so it’s been top-of-mind for me to update it. This is definitely a helpful template to guide me!

In the past, I’ve only ever had three emails–one for sending the freebie, one dropping a personal note, and one telling them about my services.

How brilliant to know that I can take MORE opportunities to pitch/talk to my subscribers!

Do you suggest that each email pitches a different service? That each email focuses on a different result/outcome of working with you? Something else?


6 Jenny Shih

I’d definitely say play with it. What I had the most success with was the same email going out saying, “This is who I help and what I do. Go here to learn more.” (more details of course)

You should most definitely play around with the emails and track the responses to see which ones get replies or clicks so you know what’s working well.


7 EvelynC.

PS – I didn’t answer your question – YES, I’m going tweak my autoresponder today…….


8 Jenny Shih



9 Jennifer Bardall

So great! Just recently started paying for autoresponders and have had great success with them – and I haven’t even used them to tease my work, just to touch base and connect personally. Just that one tweak has brought in a lot of positive results. I’m going to go in now and do a little more work, thanks to your suggestions. :)


10 Jenny Shih

Yes!! Love it! Love that you’ve seen results with the auto responders and love that you’re going in for tweaks and updates. I can’t wait to hear how it goes!


11 Teri

Jenny, I’ve been putting this off forever! I’ve put it on my calendar every week and somehow it gets pushed to the bottom of my not done list. So, this week, I’m going to write one of these per day and get it scheduled! I had a little training planned for each email sequence with the last one letting subscribers know how they can hire me. Should I also schedule this to go out to my current subscribers? Doesn’t seem cool that they should miss out! Thank you for the great advice in 60 seconds or less! Very cool idea :)


12 Jenny Shih

SMART! One per day until they’re done! (My readers here always have such great ideas!)

Depending on the service you use, it will automatically go out to your current subscribers. For example, I use aweber, and if I were to add a new follow-up to the sequence, it would send it out to everyone. You might want to check what happens with your service provider. When I did this the first time, the email wasn’t 100% appropriate for people who had been on my list for awhile (it wasn’t bad, just could have been worded better). But live and learn, I guess!!

Yay for action-taking!


13 Janet

HI Jenny
This is something I definitely need to work on as well as building my email. list. But I wanted to say Thanks for having just a 60 second video. I know the big thing is to have video blogs but personally I’d rather just read the info because I don’t always have 5 minutes to listen to blah, blah ,blah just to get the nugget of info promised. So when you promised a 60 second video I checked it out cause I do have one minute. So thanks for being short and sweet and informative. Great job!


14 Jenny Shih

Thank you! I agree about the long videos, especially when they creep past 7 minutes! I don’t watch those, so how can I expect you to?!

I will say that this first 60 second one was a challenge to get down to 60 seconds! Now I’ve found my groove and the next two were easier to do. Fun challenge for me and great info for you! :-)


15 kelly

I agree completely! I love the 60 second videos! Thanks so much.


16 Kristy Oustalet

Perfect timing Jenny! I was just thinking about amping up my email campaign + this is great insight.

Questions that come up for me are similar to Leah’s comments, how would you approach the ‘how to work with me’ emails? I’m assuming that suggesting one service and offering a 20 minute consult for a test drive would be a great fit… other suggestions?


17 Jenny Shih

First, you’ve got to make sure they know what you do (how you get paid). It’s amazing how many people can end up on your list that don’t know much about your specific services. So make sure you’re listing your services in a summary in your newsletter.

(The reason I don’t currently list mine in my newsletter — though I used to — is because I’m not taking new clients right now. Instead, I have the free training which tells them about the 1000 Subscriber program.)

Then your emails should be about telling them what you do and how you do it. Like you’re telling a friend you haven’t seen in ages.

The goal of your email is to get them to go to your services page. The goal of the services page is to get them to sign up for a consult. You’ll do much better if your emails get them to go to your website, because pushing a consult on someone without the full sales language of your sales page can be more challenging.

FYI, the same goes for sales emails. Your sales emails (for products or classes, for example), should always have one focus: to get them to click. Click to where? The sales page. Then let the sales page do the job of selling them / getting them to click purchase.

Does this help??


18 Kortney K

Jenny, Thanks for such a smart, quick video about autoresponders. I’m going to have to bookmark this video when I start setting up my own. Thanks so much! :)


19 Jenny Shih

Did you know you can start a list before you have website? You totally can! Just sign up for Mail Chimp or Aweber and they will host your signup box for you. Then you can also create the autoresponders. No need to wait until later. You can start right now!


20 Joanna

I keep postponing the start of my newsletter. Now if someone signs ip they get nothing! So yes, Jenny i will take the challenge and i have some emails already prepared. Question about the sign up strategy…
Is it always better to offer something free in exchange for their email?
I see many people including marie forleo just ask to sign up pfor updates but dont offer anything.
I just posted my free ebook on my website yesterday and anyone can get it.
Thank you


21 Jenny Shih

Yay for action-taking!! Sure, it’s better to give away something for free, but it’s even better to just start :-) A list that promises “weekly tips to [whatever you give in your blog each week]” is better than no list at all!

There are some people with really large followings that can get away without a tangible freebie on reputation alone. For all of my clients, I recommend something solid you can pass along to your people. The reason is that it’s the first step to people hiring you! They download your free thing, see how great you are, fall in love with your blog, and then hire you. The free offer really helps that way.

But if your free offer isn’t ready, it’s okay! Just start your list.


22 joanna

Thank you, Jenny


23 Jennifer Kennedy

Great advice! Will work on this this week.

I have two of my responders set up to ask if my readers have received my ebook, but didn’t put that last step in place to remind them of my services!! I’ve got work to do! Thanks a bunch.


24 Jenny Shih

Yay! Do it and report back when it’s done. Your virtual high-five is waiting! :-)


25 Linda Ursin

I already have those, although not at those precise intervals. They probably need tweaking though :)


26 Jenny Shih

Time to take more action! You can do it!


27 Susan James

Right on target Jennie, as usual. Thank you for the reminder. I will add the emails regarding how to work with me. Missed that part…duh.
I will have it done by this time next week…just saying.

Love your hair too! You are awesome-ness.


28 Jenny Shih

Yes, Susan! Let people know how to hire you. You’re great at what you do and it would be a disservice not to tell them!


29 Veronica

Awesome Jenny! Is it not too much if the autoresponders overlap with the newsletters?


30 Jenny Shih

I don’t worry about that too much because it’s going to happen sometimes. As long as you send good stuff in your newsletter, your ideal customers shouldn’t mind.


31 Stephanie

Love these 60-second videos! I get so overwhelmed with videos to watch – they just end up in tag purgatory until my browser crashes and I lose them all. So thanks for this!


32 Jenny Shih

Thank you! It was a truly inspired experiment and I can’t wait to keep playing to see how they can all rock your worlds…. in just 60 seconds or less!


33 Ana

Great tips!
I’m setting this up next week.


34 Jenny Shih

Excellent! Report back when they’re done so you can get a virtual high-five!


35 Celeste

I Just launched my new website last week, and i am SO grateful you posted this. I was just ready to tackle my auto-responders and I love your list. Thanks Jenny!


36 Jenny Shih

Awesome! Get to it and report back here when they’re done for that high-five!


37 Dayna House

Love this video Jenny! I just started my list building and I love this advise. I did send a second email a week after signing up with a second freebie but I never thought to send them monthly auto-responders. Great idea! I’m definitely going to make this happen once I have an actual website and not just a coming soon page. I can’t wait for that day. Thanks again for all of your great advice!!!


38 Jenny Shih

Can people hire you now, even though you don’t have a site? Then add in those autoresponders! here’s no rule that says you can’t offer your services if you don’t have a website. And how awesome would it be to have clients before you site goes live? :-)


39 Kendra

I’ve been needing to spiffy up my newsletter and auto responders (I only have 1 to go out right when they sign up) for a while so thanks for the push! I’ll have to work on this over the next week or two :)


40 Jenny Shih

You’re welcome for the push. And excited for what it will do for your business!


41 Michael

Jenny, I just bought you 1000 subscribers course today as I am setting up autoresponders for a list of around 4500. Does your course cover this autoresponder timing strategy?



42 Jenny Shih

The specific emails and the timeline aren’t in there now, but it is on my “2014 additions” list and we will have it in there in the next few months. Hang tight and enjoy the program in the mean time.


43 Frances Arnold

After reading the comments of other readers, I now feel so relieved that it’s not just me who has struggled with my newsletter. I’m now in the process of developing a new relationship with my newsletter. It’s been a very uncomfortable relationship for me, mainly because I never got any feedback about how much people liked it. I will incorporate your ideas. Thanks, Jenny!


44 Jenny Shih

Excellent! A newsletter is such a great way to nurture a relationship with people interested in what you have to say. It took a long time for me to get comments and feedback, so don’t let that deter you from keeping it up! Share the great ideas you wish to share and people will notice.


45 maria

Thanks for this great video! Very useful and hands-on tips, and also perfect with the short and effective 60-sec format!


46 Karen

Thank you Jenny! We have autoresponders but I don’t think they are this good. Change in motion. Hugs Karen


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